SPOTLIGHT: Fat Lad At The Back

There’s hundreds and thousands of different up and coming, and already arrived, cycling brands that offer a huge range of different things for the cycling community.
I thought I would start doing a ‘spotlight’ post, in which I will take a look at a different company I take a particular liking to each week.

To begin, I am starting with a company that are not entirely unknown as they’ve deservedly been getting a lot of coverage in the cycling press, and online, for their awesome cyclewear and general ethos.

The company is FAT LAD AT THE BACK.


It’s common knowledge that cycle clothing is pretty tight, and the sizes aren’t all that forgiving when you are on the larger end of that scale. Couple that with the cost of some of the nicer, high performance clothing and you are paying a lot of money to feel very uncomfortable with what you are wearing to partake in a sport/exercise you love.

Richard Bye understood this very well and this is a part of what led him to start Fat Lad At The Back cyclewear.

It was on a trip to conquer the Alps with a few friends that Fat Lad At The Back was born. After a hard days climbing, jokes were made about the last man up the mountain having to wear the ‘Fat Lad At The Back Jersey’.


The latest range of FLATB cyclewear includes the Balmy Short Sleeve Jersey (£49.99), the Ey Up Bib Shorts (£59.99) and the Champion Super Roubaix Padded Bib Tights (£79.99). All in black, as designed the be somewhat flattering on the larger frame, with blue, white and yellow detailing, the FLATB Logo, and the brand name throughout.


There’s not much more I can say, apart from the fact I’m gutted I don’t fit into the long sleeve jersey, as I’d love to be able to support such a great company, but go and check it out for yourselves!

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– Daniel 🙂


One thought on “SPOTLIGHT: Fat Lad At The Back

  1. It is no different than any other jersey. I have a 48″ chest (which is rock hard, stick boys) ordered a 49, it was skin tight. There’s nothing special, over-sized or well tailored about this product, except that it points out that a fat guy is wearing it with words, then does everything it can to highlight this fact by design. Just Another Jersey.
    Pure marketing not backed up by substance (pretty much like everything that came out of the mouths of the fat shaming people in here).


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