Hills & Birthday Gifts!

So it was my birthday last weekend and with that I ended up getting a bit slack with blog posts, however I’m going to keep it more regular from now on.

I had an awesome birthday weekend, thanks to my lady, however it wasn’t spent at home meaning I couldn’t get a ‘birthday ride’ in, so I treated myself to one today!

ImageIt was actually my first ‘proper’ ride in a while, due to bad weather and sickness, and it was glorious. I wasn’t cut up, abused or honked at by a single car-wielding moron and, strangely enough, the only real interaction I had with any car driver was a taxi driver being polite to me and giving me plenty of room to move away at a busy junction!

When I left the house today, I set out with one thing in mind: hills! Thankfully, where I live, there is a nice big(ish) one you cannot miss, with plenty of different options depending on how steep you want your climb to be! As it’s been a while since I’ve played on the hills, I certainly wasn’t the fastest I’ve ever been but hot damn it was fun!


I thought I’d also chuck up a few pics of a couple of cycling related things I got for my birthday. The first one is this awesome PDW Takeout Basket for my Raleigh Traveller. There will be a review to come at some point in the near future. 

ImageThe other gift I received, to go on the same bike is the PDW Loading Dock rear rack. I’ve not actually fit it yet, as the Traveller doesn’t have eyelets to fix a rear rack, however, I am going to get some P-Clips in order to fit it, and use this bike a hell of a lot more for little shopping trips, and ‘leisure rides’ in the summer. Again, a review is to come soon.

ImageIf you haven’t already checked out PDW (Portland Design Works), then you definitely should because they make some really nice stuff!

The last cool thing worth mentioning is that besides the fact I love working for an online cycling retailer because it’s an awesome place to work selling awesome products, I was leaving work on Thursday and everyone was being handed a free Gatorade British Cycling Bottle Bundle!


The bottle was packed with 1 x Gatorade Prime, 2 x Lemon Gatorade Power Perform Powder Orange and 2 x Gatorade Power Perform Powder Lemon. I’d never tried the stuff until today, when I used an Orange Perform Powder and the stuff is actually really good! Can’t complain!


Be sure to let me know what you think of this post on twitter @danielsride, in the comments below, and  don’t forget to ‘like’ my facebook page for regular updates and cycling news and posts from other blogs and websites!

– Daniel 🙂


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