Carbon Explosions!

Today has been a fairly constructive day in that I finished work, went on a bike ride to my LBS and picked up an innertube and some P-Clips, all so I can get my 3 speed back on the road again with an added PDW Loading Dock rear rack (review to come shortly)!

Turns out the P-Clips I bought were too big for my chainstays, so I’m going to have to find some smaller ones, although I got the innertube fitted so it wasn’t a wasted afternoon!

Once I’d done this, I treated myself to some internet browsing and managed to stumble upon a blog called ‘Busted Carbon‘.

Regardless of the fact I own a beautiful Mekk which has a carbon frame and forks (I work for a bike shop and get good discount), I still think carbon bikes are ridiculously expensive for the majority of riders who own them, which might explain the next sentence.

Call me a sadist, but I loved scrolling through the Busted Carbon blog, perhaps a little too much, and seeing thousands of pounds worth of bikes in more than one piece (and I don’t mean in a quick release kind of way!).

You should go check the blog out for plenty more hilarious pictures of destroyed carbon bikes and components!

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– Daniel 🙂


3 thoughts on “Carbon Explosions!

  1. May be expensive, but carbon bikes, specifically road bikes, are WAY more comfortable. I’ve got two composite frames and one aluminum and the latter only gets used when I feel spunky (never on long rides (50+ miles). For my mountain bike I stick with aluminum because I’m rough with it and I don’t want to worry about scratching a bike that’s meant to be scratched.

    1. Yeah, my Mekk is extremely comfortable. I can’t see how a carbon MTB can be beneficial as the are built to be thrown around on rough tracks. Thanks for commenting as always! – Daniel 🙂

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